Puppet Shows for Hire

Balloon Decorating by Ron and Hazel Wood

Puppet shows available to hire for Family Fun Days, Corporate and Community events in Yorkshire, County Durham and the North East or a birthday party within 15 miles of Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Fantastic children's entertainment at any party or event. Lovely puppets, all hand made. Impressive custom built puppet theatres, Lots of fun and joining in for children.

You have a choice of six great shows:

  • King Custard
  • Circus
  • Pirates
  • Story Time
  • Christmas
  • Punch and Judy

These shows are for indoors only except for Punch and Judy which can be indoors or outside in good weather.

The Puppet theatres are quite large and need to be in a hall or function room. They also need to be close to an electrical socket for power to the pa system. Punch and Judy has it's own battery power pack for outdoor events.

The King Custard Puppet Show

The puppet theatre is a fairy castle. The cast includes a king, a witch, a princess, a doctor, a jester, a naughty dog, soldiers and even a scary ghost.

The story is about a lazy and very grumpy king who lives in a haunted castle.

The wicked witch casts a spell over him to make him behave very badly.

The princess knows the king is good in his heart and asks the children to her her break the witch's spell.

After the spell is broken the king is nice again and they all live happily ever after.

Circus Puppet Show

Lovely circus themed puppet show with lots of audience participation.

When the Ringmaster puts the clowns in charge of the show things go badly wrong. A ferocious lion escapes but it turns out he is not so scary as he has forgotten how to roar. The children help him to get his roar back and he is happy again.

Characters include Ringmaster, clowns, lion, a dancing seal, and an elephant too.

The children also have a chance to do some circus tricks and some funny dancing.

Perfect for younger children.

Pirate Puppet Show

This show has it's own fantastic pirate ship which is the puppet theatre.

It has a lovely story in which the children have to help to find treasure stolen from a princess.

Lots of great characters including the pirate captain, princess, pirate crew, skeleton pirate, parrot, mouse and even a shark.

This show is perfect for any pirate themed event.

Suitable for children from four to eight years of age.

Story Time Puppet Show

Bright colorful puppet theatre and a host of funny puppet characters.

This show is ideal for younger children from 4 to 6 years of age.

Each section of the show is about a different nursery rhyme including Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Old Mother Hubbard, The Two Little Dicky Birds and The Gingerbread Man.

The show also includes story telling and children's magic.

Santa's Busy Day, Christmas Puppet Show

This is our special Christmas Show which is perfect children's entertainment during the festive season.

Great for any children's Christmas party, or Christmas event.

Ideal for nursery, reception or infants school Christmas party.

Lots of Christmas characters including elves, reindeer, a snowman, a penguin, a seal and the star of the show is of course Santa Claus.

Lovely story with lots of audience participation and lots of funny moments which has younger children smiling and laughing all the way through.

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Punch and Judy Puppet Show

Traditional Punch and Judy Show.

Large, impressive Punch and Judy booth.

Hand carved wooden puppets.

Authentic voice of Mr Punch using the swazzle.

Many different characters including Mr Punch, Judy, The Baby, Joey The Clown, The Crocodile, The Policeman and more.

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