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Top Tips for Race Night Success

How To Run a Race Night

Race Night [ Jolly Good productions ]

Race Night

Race Nights are great fun and are a tried and tested way to bring in cash for worthy causes. They do need to be organised properly.

Make sure your charity / fund raiser Race Night is a roaring success!

Things you must do :

  1. Make sure that all of the horses are sold in advance
  2. Get a sponsor for every race
  3. Sell jockeys as well as horses
  4. Run side bets such as the ” Tri Cast “which can be sold in advance
  5. Organise pie and peas and sell admission tickets so that people are comitted to come (allow  pay on the door too )
  6. Organise a rafflle
  7. Advertise the event
  8. Run a bar or use a venue which has a bar
  9. Make sure as many people as possible come on the night and bring their friends with them
  10. Take photos and send out a press release afterwards and let people know how to donate after the event

The key to success with a Race Night is to do as much as possible in advance. You should always be a few hundred pounds up even before the doors open on the night. Please get in touch if you need advice.

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Have you ever organised a race night?  Can you suggest other ways to bring in extra cash ?

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