Hazel's Birthday Party Entertainment

"The Jolly Good Fun Party"

Children's Entertainer Hazel Wood

Hire Children's Entertainer, Hazel Wood for birthday party entertainment within 15 miles of Richmond, North Yorkshire. Ideal for children from 5 to 8 years of age. Lots of varied activities for active children.

Needs to be in a hall with plenty of space.

Hazel's Jolly Good Fun Party

Hazel is an experienced and popular children's entertainer who is the perfect choice for your child's birthday party if you would like to have something different that the children will really enjoy.

Hazel leads all of the activities. Hazel is absolutely ideal for girl's parties as she is a qualified dance teacher and is brilliant at getting the children to join in and copy the actions of favorite party dances.

Hazel offers two hours of exciting party entertainment which keeps all of the children, busy, engaged and having fun from start to finish.

Activities include:

  • Spinning plates challenge
  • Juggling Scarf games
  • Balloon modeling
  • Parachute Games
  • Action Songs
  • Party Dances
  • Special Party Games ( prizes included FREE of charge )
Children's entertainer Hazel wood leading a party dance

School party

Children's entertainer Hazel wood leading a party dance.

Hazel and friends

Hazel and friends

Hazel and some clown friends.

Hazel leading children in a party dance

Party dancing

Hazel leading the children in a party dance.

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