Race Night Service

Race Night

Race Night Service by Ron and Hazel Wood is available to hire for fund raising, corporate event entertainment or private parties in North Yorkshire, County Durham and the North East. Plus FREE advice on how to make the most of your video horse racing event.

Race night for charity or fun

A video horse racing event is an excellent, proven way to raise funds for a charity or worthy cause. It can also be great fun for a corporate event where fake money is used to make bets and the winners receive prizes instead of cash.

Ron and Hazel have been running their Race Night Service for many years and offer a reliable friendly service to event organizers. All necessary equipment is supplied and Ron and Hazel come along to run everything for you on the night.

Advice on setting up and planning a successful race night is available at any time.

Charity fund raiser

A well run race night makes for a great social occasion and a chance to raise funds too. Films of horse racing are shown and people bet on which horse will win. A proportion of the money goes your chosen charity. Money is also raised by selling ownership of the horses, race sponsorship and side bets. Below is an explanation of how it works.

How to make money from a race night?

A well organised and supported race night can raise a lot of money. This is achieved by:

  • Sale of horses
  • Race sponsorship
  • Side bets
  • Money spent on betting

Ways to make money with a race night

The figures used are just a guide. You can charge whatever you want for the ownership of the horses, sponsorship or betting. It's up to you to decide what is reasonable and what you think people will be happy to pay.

Sale of the horses

There are eight horses in each race and there are eight races.

Horses @ £3 each x 64 = £192

Race sponsorship

There are eight races. Find a sponsor for each race.

Race Sponsors @ £30 each x eight races = £240

Side bets

We run a Tri-Cast on one of the races. People guess which horses will come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on a specified race. All bets are sold in advance, before the night.

Potential return £326.

The money spent on betting on the night

Half of the money spent on betting is paid out in winnings. Half is profit for the charity.

If 100 people attended and spent £10 each this would raise £500.


Organizers often have a raffle during the break.

Potential return from sale of raffle tickets, £100?

Entrance ticket sales

You could sell tickets in advance. This is a good idea if you are putting on pie and peas or other food / refreshments.

Assuming 100 people buy tickets at £3.50 each, £350.

Potential total income

£192 + 240 + 326 + 500 + 100 + 350 = £1780

Deduct cost of pie and pea supper, hall hire and hiring the race night, say £600.

£1780 - £600 = Total profit £1180.

Corporate race night

A video race night can also be put on as entertainment for a corporate event or company social evening. In this case fake money can be used. Guests are given a set amount of pretend money on arrival. They use this to place bets. The organizers give prizes at the end of the evening to the individual or team who have won the most money.

If you are interested in setting up a race night for a social occasion please call Ron or Hazel for advice.

Pub race night

Race Night in a pub

Charity race night taking place in a pub, North Yorkshire.

Race night winners

Race Night Winners

Winners with their bubbly at a race night in Wetherby.

corporate race night

Corporate Race Night

Entertaining clients at a corporate race night in Leeds.

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