Temporary Tattoo Artist

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Artist available to hire for events in Yorkshire, County Durham and The North East.

Temporary Glitter Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos and Body Painting are popular at evening events, corporate and company social events, night clubs and private parties. They are ideal as extra party entertainment for adults.

Having a Tattoo is very daring but not everyone is brave enough to have a real one which is why having a Temporary Tattoo done on a big night out is so much fun.

Glitter Tattoos are applied using a special body glue and professional, approved, body glitter. If looked after they can last 3 - 5 days or can be removed instantly using baby oil. Great fun, popular and very pretty!

Sometimes fantastic designs can be produced using face paint materials. This is usually referred to as body painting. The effects can be amazing when made by a highly skilled artist but as this is done with face paint it will wash off.

Temporary tattoo on tummy


This lady had a temporary tattoo butterfly on her tummy.

Temporary tattoo daggar on arm


This lady requested a daggar on her arm.

Temporary tattoo scorpion on arm


Lady having scorpion design on arm..

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