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Elephants, Narnia and a touch of Westminster Abbey!

What is he talking about? Well today I called in at the new Butterfingers store in Harrogate. It’s cool. First I bumped into an elephant on a plinth just inside the door ( not a real one of course ). Next I discovered a live tree planted inside the shop, ok it’s not Westminster Abbey but what a great idea. On top of that they’ve got a wardrobe that is really a door just like in Narnia. I loved it.

If you are into circus skills it’s an Aladdin’s cave full of fun stuff to splash out on. Here are a few photos I took.


Great Yorkshire Show Is Expensive!

Hazel has just spent three very busy days this week,  Face Painting at the Great Yorkshire Show in  Harrogate in North Yorkshire. I haven’t been myself but Hazel says it’s a fantastic event. There is so much to see and lots of entertainment. Naturally she gets to speak to lots of people, particularly parents waiting for their kids to have their faces painted. The one thing many parents were complaining  about was the price of the tickets to get in. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there because food and refreshments are pricey as are the kids rides too. So for the average family a visit to the Great Yorkshire Show can be a very expensive day out. I’m sure that everyone who went to the Show this year had a brilliant time. Lets hope the ticket prices don’t go up again next year.

The Big Wheel

The Big Wheel, an expensive ride at the Great Yorkshire

The cost of a ride on the Big Wheel was £4.50 for adults and £3.50 per child.

Let us know what you thought of the Great Yorkshire Show.

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