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How To Attract Attention To Your Stand

Many companies and organisations pay lots of money to have stands at outdoor events and shows in order to promote themselves. Naturally anyone investing in a this type of venture wants to be noticed. Well, if you really want to draw a crowd then hire a good Punch and Judy Show. I’ve been performing Punch and Judy for ever such a long time and it’s amazing how people react once the show starts. You can have an empty space one minute and as soon as the curtains open and the music strikes up people start to gather. Punch and Judy seems to have a magnetic effect on people of all ages. The kids will rush up and sit down in front of the puppet theatre and the adults watch from a distance. I’m not saying it works every time but nine times out of ten that’s what happens. Old Red Nose ( Mr Punch ) is a proven crowd puller!  So, if you are embarking on a promotional event and you are wondering what kind of entertainment to put on your stand give me a call.

Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy can certainly draw a crowd

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