Punch and Judy Photo Gallery

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Piccini Punch puppet

Piccini Punch

One of my favorite Mr Punch puppets in his distinctive Piccini style hat.

Judy puppet


Mr Punch's wife Judy who will not stand for any nonsense.

Clown puppet


Mr Punch's friend, Joey the Clown is always playing tricks.

Policeman puppet


Mr Policeman who comes if Punch is being naughty.

Crocodile puppet


The crocodile who steals the sausages.

Devil puppet


The devil who tries to take Mr Punch away for being a bad boy.

Doctor puppet


The doctor wants to give Punch a dose of his own medicine.

Ghost puppet


The ghost comes up and gives Punch a nasty fright.

Baby puppet

The baby

The baby is always in the show.

Mr Punch puppet

Mr Punch

Classic Mr Punch as most people know him.

Mr Longneck puppet

Mr Longneck

Often appears at the start on my show when his neck grows ever so long!

Punch puppet

Posh Punch

Mr Punch in a rather posh blue outfit with jewel in his hat.

Hangman puppet

The Hangman

Tries to get Punch to put his head in the loop.

Beadle puppet

The Beadle

An officer of the law before proper policemen.

Mr Punch puppet

Punch Number One

My first Mr Punch Puppet still as good as new!

Punch puppet


Champion boxer, Walter Woodenhead (Splinter weight).

Hazel with baby puppet

Hazel and baby

The baby has a smart new outfit.

Mr Punch silhouette

Mr Punch Silhouette

Shadow of Mr Punch inside the booth.

Painting crocodile puppet

Painting crocodile

Crocodile puppet has his teeth whitened!

Punch puppet

Varnishing Punch

Mr Punch gets a coating of varnish.

Mr Punch

Mr Punch

The star of the show. Mr Punch takes a break.

Punch and Judy at Beamish Museum

Beamish Museum

Audience waiting for the show to start at Beamish Museum.

Len with Punch and Judy


Punch and Judy fan Len's 80th birthday party in Newcastle.

Punch and Judy at Cragside


Performing at Cragside in beautiful Northumberland.

Punch and Judy in Chester Le Street


Seaside Day at Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

Punch and Judy in Ponteland


Punch and Judy at Party in the Park, Ponteland, Northumberland.

Punch and Judy at the Dome, Doncaster


Punch and Judy Show set up at the Dome, Doncaster.

Ron working puppets


Ron working puppets at the Maritime Centre, Newbiggin by Sea.

Ron warming up the audience

Melton Mowbray

Warming up the audience for Punch and Judy at the Melton Mowbray Show.

Punch and Judy show in progress


Punch and Judy in action at the Wittingham Show.

Punch and Judy at Trafford Centre


Punch and Judy set up at the Trafford Centre.

Punch and Judy at Pocklington


Party in the park, family fun day.

Ron performing Punch and Judy at Ripon


Entertaining the crowds at the Ripon Festival.

Punch and Judy show in Sheffield


Punch and Judy in action at the Beighton Gala.

Punch and Judy at Brodswoth Hall


Punch and Judy in progress at Brodsworth Hall.

Punch and Judy at Burnby Hall, Pocklington


Punch and Judy Show at Burnby Hall and Gardens, Pocklington.

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