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Bill Tarmey And Me

Coronation Street fans know instantly who Bill Tarmey is. I regret to admit that until I met Patricia Penrose I had no idea. I was the front man  at a store opening where Patricia was booked as the celebrity to cut the ribbon and officially open the store, then sign autographs and chat with the shoppers. Patricia plays the character of Gina in the TV series Heartbeat. She is lovely person, very friendly and easy to get on with. My job was to build up the atmosphere and let people know what was going on as well as running various in store competitions.

The store was very busy and Patricia Penrose was very popular. She had brought a pile of postcard size photos of herself which she was signing and giving away. She told me that she ran out of these after about an hour ( and she had brought loads with her! ). Whilst we were chatting she said that she thought I sounded just like Bill Tarmey. Several people agreed so it must be true? I’d like to think that this was a compliment but as I don’t watch Corrie I can’t be sure.

We had a great day. The new store was very busy in spite of the bad weather. The client was very happy and I’m just waiting to see if I could be the next Jack Duckworth.

Ron with Patricia Penrose, Gina from the TV series Heartbeat

Ron with Patricia Penrose

If you were Ron Wood of Jolly Good Productions ( that’s me ), would you consider it a compliment to be told that you sound like Bill Tarmey?  Let me know what you think.

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