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Shooting Gallery With Moving Targets!

This is the Shooting Gallery I wrote about in an earlier post. I took this film clip at the Wensleydale Show, North Yorkshire. It belongs to Craske’s Traditional Amusements who specialise in Vintage Fun Fairs. I love the moving targets.


Some might say that this type of amusement encourages an interest in guns. I think it’s harmless fun. what’s your view?

Shooting Gallery Is Bang On Target

There’s something special about Traditional Amusements. This is a perfect example of a good old fashioned shooting gallery. Available to hire from Craske’s it looks ever so impressive with its delightful artwork, bold colours and of course the Union Jacks flying fluttering proudly in the wind above.

Not only does the stall look fabulous, it’s great fun to haveĀ  go. There are a variety of targets to choose from including moving targets in the form of ducks going from left to right and little balls floating on jets of water. It’s even interesting just standing and watching if you are not the sporting type.

In addition to the Shooting Gallery, Craske’s also have a Coconut Shie, Roll A Penny and an excellent Striker too. All of these will go well at any fete, show, gala or corporate event. They are perfect for historical events ie Dickensian, Victorian, Edwardian etc.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

For more information call Jeremy Craske on 01609 777238 or Andrew Craske on 01969 663408

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