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Christmas Eve Show, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Free Event For Local Children

There will be a special performance of our Christmas Puppet Show in Richmond Town Hall on December 24th, starting at 11am.  All are welcome. The show called Santa’s Busy Day is ideal for families with younger children.

There will also be a performance by T’Old Hoss ( The Old Horse Of Richmond ).

Donations are invited for the Mayor’s charity.

Please come early as last year’s event was well attended.

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The “Old Hoss” Of Richmond

As part of the children’s entertainment organised by the Mayor of Richmond on Christmas Eve was a special performance by the “Old Hoss”. The event took place in the Town Hall and was free for all to attend. We had a good turn out and the children joined in enthusiastically with the Jolly Good Productions Christmas Puppet Show. This was followed immediately by T’Old Hoss.  Everyone had a great time and people generously donated towards the Mayor’s charities, The RNLI and The Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The Old Horse of Richmond or T'Old Hoss ( Yorkshire )

Ron with T'Old Hoss

The ‘Old Hoss’ appears in Richmond `s market place every Christmas Eve morning. Originally a pagan creation,the decorated horse`s skull is accompanied by a team of huntsmen. He snaps his jaws as the huntsmen sing of his being a virile young creature who grows old and finally is killed. His resurrection completes the ritual, representing the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new.

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