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Pirate Cakes In Fabulous Fairy Castle

Pirate and Princess Birthday Cake

Stunning Birthday Party Display

Pirate birthday cakes displayed in pink fairy castle

Pirate and Princess birthday cake.

This  amazing display was created by Angela Turner for Benjamin and Bethany’s 5th birthday party.

The individual chocolate cakes were all carefully decorated and then arranged inside the fairy castle. The five cakes at the front all had sparklers in them and there was even a big number five at the top of the castle which was lit up with flashing lights.

Ben’s very own toy pirate ship stood at the side of the castle.

Everyone who came to the party loved the display and said how fantastic it was. Angela also decorated the party bags, food boxes, bunting and table decorations to match the theme.

What a treat for the children!

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Cakes To Die For

The organisers of the Tees Barrage Fun Day made a massive mistake when they put me in a marquee right next to Cake Designs 4 U who just happen to make the most delicious cakes in the entire world! It was too much to bear. I tried to resist but unfortunately after a very short time my will caved in and I had to indulge myself. How I survived for an entire afternoon with so much temptation within easy reach I will never know. My verdict on the cakes…..HEAVEN!

Cake Designs 4 U

Cake Designs 4 U

Contact Cake Designs 4 U ( cakes for all occasions )

Karen mob 07790 674464

Tracy mob 07963 544839

I love fairy cakes like the ones in the photo. What is your favourite cake?

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