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Holiday Club Ideas | Circus Day

Circus Fun For Holiday Clubs

Having Fun Clowning Around

Having Fun Clowning Around (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

Hiring A Circus Workshop Is A Great Idea!

Hire a Circus Workshop  for your organization over school holidays, the kids will love it!

The Circus is an exciting theme for children and there is so much scope for everyone to get involved.  You can easily develop a full week of fun around your circus theme.  You can use our Circus Day as a launch pad for a range of other  activities possibly leading up to a fantastic Circus Show for family and friends at the end of the week.

Use the Enquiry Form to get a quote for hiring the Jolly Good Productions Circus Skills Workshop for your next school holidays, or call Ron or Hazel 0n Tel 01748 821621 for more information.

How To Make The Most Of Your Circus Workshop

Although the  Circus Workshop takes place on one day you can easily spread the fun over an entire week. There are lots of things you can do both before and after the actual workshop day.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Have the children draw pictures and make cut outs to decorate the room.
  • Have a dressing up day with a circus theme.
  • Read stories about clowns and the circus.
  • Build a circus tent.
  • Adapt games to suit a circus theme.
  • Have circus skills practice sessions.
  • Put together a Circus Show.
  • Hold rehearsals.
  • Make an arena for the Circus Show.
  • Hold auditions.
  • Think of as many types of performances and roles as possible ie Lion Tamer, Ring Master, Animlals, Ticket Sellers, Clown Band etc etc.
  • Involve everyone.
  • Choose music for each act.
  • Make posters to advertize the Circus Show.
  • Make costumes, masks and props for the show.
  • Make a Circus Video with all the children taking part.
  • Have competitions for making the best circus act.

You can easily turn a Circus Workshop into a fantastic Circus Week.

More Ideas For Holiday Clubs

Are you looking for other ideas for your Holiday Club or Out Of School Club? Jolly Good Productions do other special activity days. See the Holiday Club page on our web site.

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How To Entertain Older Kids

Leyburn Primary School, Summer Fair

How to entertain older children at a party or event is a common challenge faced by event organizers, party planners and parents. It’s much easier to provide for younger children. The little ones love bouncy castles, clowns, magicians, balloons, dancing, playing games and any number of the many children’s entertainment options out there. Older children can be much more difficult to please. Children grow up fast these days and once they get to eight years and over they are becoming more and more sophisticated. Bouncy castles and magic shows are no longer cool.

If the older children are over looked there is a good chance they will grumble or worse still get up to mischief. Making sure there are things for them to do is a very good idea. Of course you can’t make them join in but there are certain activities which always seem to work well.

We have always found circus skills workshops to be popular with all ages especially older children. When we put on a circus workshop we like to give plenty of variety. We bring a range of equipment covering juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, stilts, pedalgos, flower sticks, twirling ribbons and other similar props for people to have a go at. This nearly always works well.

Another activity which we find the older ones like is our bubble making workshop where they have a chance to make giant bubbles. We set this up in an area with six or eight  buckets and about twenty  bubble wands, give a demonstration of how to make a massive bubble and then let them try their hand. This also works well with the older kids but it is weather dependent and is impossible to do in windy conditions.

I’m also going to mention skipping. Did you know that skipping has had a revival and many primary schools have had skipping workshops to help promote exercise, health and fitness. The amazing Cirque De Soleil, the world’s top contemporary circus company also use skipping in some of their breath taking shows. Skipping in teams can be very competitive and great fun. It’s very easy to do and worth considering.

When we do parties for children of eight years and above we rarely do shows. I always recommend to parents that they have a circus party. It’s busy, well organised and there’s loads to do. It never fails!

Older children and teenagers like a challenge. They like hands on stuff. They like things they can do with their mates. They like to be occupied, they like variety, they like what they perceive to be “cool stuff”. Any of the above will fit the bill. Why not give it a try?

Have you got any good ideas for entertaining older children? Share your thoughts and experiences with us using the comment section below.

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Wolves Workshops For Children Are Howling Success!

The Halliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington, home of the Wolves Rugby League Club was the venue for workshops for children this week. The Club are keen to help in the local community and regularly run arts projects for children and families. The Wolves Foundation engages the services of external artists and practitioners to share their skills and talents with local people. Recent activities have included Circus Skills Workshops, Puppet Shows and Puppet Making Workshops, Magic Shows and Storytelling.

Halliwell Jones Stadium

Halliwell Jones Stadium

Trophies and Cups of The Wolves Rugby League Club in Warrington

The Wolves Cups and Trophies

Statue of Brian Bevan outside Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington

Brian Bevan, Rugby League Star

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