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Holiday Club Ideas | Circus Day

Circus Fun For Holiday Clubs

Having Fun Clowning Around

Having Fun Clowning Around (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

Hiring A Circus Workshop Is A Great Idea!

Hire a Circus Workshop  for your organization over school holidays, the kids will love it!

The Circus is an exciting theme for children and there is so much scope for everyone to get involved.  You can easily develop a full week of fun around your circus theme.  You can use our Circus Day as a launch pad for a range of other  activities possibly leading up to a fantastic Circus Show for family and friends at the end of the week.

Use the Enquiry Form to get a quote for hiring the Jolly Good Productions Circus Skills Workshop for your next school holidays, or call Ron or Hazel 0n Tel 01748 821621 for more information.

How To Make The Most Of Your Circus Workshop

Although the  Circus Workshop takes place on one day you can easily spread the fun over an entire week. There are lots of things you can do both before and after the actual workshop day.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Have the children draw pictures and make cut outs to decorate the room.
  • Have a dressing up day with a circus theme.
  • Read stories about clowns and the circus.
  • Build a circus tent.
  • Adapt games to suit a circus theme.
  • Have circus skills practice sessions.
  • Put together a Circus Show.
  • Hold rehearsals.
  • Make an arena for the Circus Show.
  • Hold auditions.
  • Think of as many types of performances and roles as possible ie Lion Tamer, Ring Master, Animlals, Ticket Sellers, Clown Band etc etc.
  • Involve everyone.
  • Choose music for each act.
  • Make posters to advertize the Circus Show.
  • Make costumes, masks and props for the show.
  • Make a Circus Video with all the children taking part.
  • Have competitions for making the best circus act.

You can easily turn a Circus Workshop into a fantastic Circus Week.

More Ideas For Holiday Clubs

Are you looking for other ideas for your Holiday Club or Out Of School Club? Jolly Good Productions do other special activity days. See the Holiday Club page on our web site.

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Holiday Club Ideas | Magic Day

Magical Fun For Holiday Clubs

Children's Magic Show

Why Hiring A Magic Workshop Is A Great Idea!

Hire a Magic Workshop for your organization over school holidays, the kids will love it!

Keeping a group of children occupied over the holidays is quite a challenge. Anyone who runs a Holiday Club or Out Of School Club knows how difficult it can be to come up with new ideas. If your Holiday Club is boring the children won’t want to come or if they do come then they are more likely to get up to mischief if they don’t have plenty of fun stuff to do.

Setting up a workshop day, planning the activities, gathering together all the necessary resources takes time and effort which you could be putting into something else. That’s why hiring in a ready-made workshop day is such a good idea.

Although hiring outside help is expensive the cost can be well worth it. The children have a great time, they will learn some great magic and have tricks they have made to take home with them. They will remember the day for a long time, it will be a talking point and might encourage other kids to join the club. The parents will be happy and you will have further enhanced your reputation as the best kids club in town!

How To Make The Most Of The Magic Workshop

Although the Magic Workshoptakes place on one day you can easily spread the fun over an entire week. There are lots of things you can do to keep the magic working before and after the actual workshop day.  Here are a few ideas:

Banana Trouble

Banana Trouble (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

  • Have the children draw pictures and make cut outs to decorate the room.
  • Have a dressing up day with a magic theme.
  • Read stories about wizards and magicians ie Harry Potter.
  • Build a magic den.
  • Adapt games to suit a magic theme.
  • Practice the tricks from the Magic Workshop Day
  • Put together a Magic Show
  • Rehearse the Magic Show
  • Make a stage for the Magic Show
  • Audition acts for the Magic Show.
  • Give everyone a job if they are not performing.
  • Choose music for each act.
  • Make posters to advertize the Magic Show.
  • Make tricks and props from the workshop day using the notes provided.
  • Make a Magic Video with all the children taking part. Send a copy home with each child as a keep sake.
  • Have competitions for making the best wizard’s hat or for making the best Top Hat and a white rabbit out of card.

With a little bit of imagination it’s easy to turn a one day Magic Workshop into a fantastic Magic Week.

More Ideas For Holiday Clubs

Are you looking for other ideas for your Holiday Club or Out Of School Club? Jolly Good Productions do other special activity days. See the Holiday Club page on our web site.

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Cardboard Castles | Fab Fun For Kids!

Workshops for children

Cardboard castle for kids workshop activity

Cardboard castles

Event planners are always looking for something different to put on for children’s entertainment at big events. I came across a great idea whilst working at an event in Lincolnshire last summer. It was a drop in workshop for kids involving oodles of  poster paint and lots of flat pack cardboard buildings.

Cardboard City

The organizers had fenced off  a large, flat grassed  area and set it up as a kind of cardboard city with various cardboard castles and buildings. They had staff supervising who were handing out pots of paint and paint brushes to the kids. The children could then go and express their creativity on the buildings.  The result was a kaleidoscope of colour as paint was daubed everywhere.

No mess

I had expected to see a lot of very messy kids, covered from head to foot in paint but that was no the case. In fact I didn’t see anyone in a pickle. Parents were happy and the children loved it.

Wet weather plan

In case of wet or windy weather there was also a big marquee with more buildings to paint inside plus other craft activities too. It’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re thinking of doing this as the cardboard would blow away if it was windy and probably turn into a soggy mess if it rained.

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Christmas Craft Workshop

Craft Workshops are a great way to entertain children at many kinds of event. If you are organising a company Christmas party or special Christmas event then a themed craft workshop can be an excellent addition to your children’s entertainment programme. The photos below show examples of the kind of things the children can make at a Jolly Good Productions Xmas themed craft workshop.

Christmas Craft Workshop

Angel ornament and snowman mask

Christmas Craft Workshop

Xmas tree ornament and Xmas card

For a craft workshop to be a success there needs to be a range of interesting projects which must be fairly easy to make, not too messy and with friendly helpful staff to encourage and guide the children.

For advice on hiring a craft workshop calls Jolly Good Production on Tel 01748 821621 or mob 07984 495089

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Children’s Centre Activity Day Feedback

Yesterday I worked at the Sue Walker Children’s Centre, Kiverton Park, Sheffield providing children’s entertainment as part of the summer holiday  programme. Children’s Centres mainly engage with families with young children. They provide advice and support for new parents, they form the hub of a social network within the community and they also run training courses for self development in both domestic and work related fields. During school holidays the centres run activity days and outings for local families. Although these usually do have to be paid for they are always at a very reasonable price, well organised and good quality.

I like visiting Children’s Centres because they are great environments to work in. They are well equipped with good access and there’s always a nice atmosphere.

Yesterday I had two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I performed my Pirate Puppet Show, we had a break for refreshments and then I ran a puppet making workshop. The Centre Manager gave me a list of comments made by parents at the end of the morning session. Here is what they said :

  • Martha had a great time, really enjoyed the faces and voices.
  • Oliver loved it, it was brill but found the pirate and skeleton a little loud and scary. Thanks.
  • Kieren was mesmerised. He jumped a couple of times but didn’t cry. Thank you.
  • Madison loved it. Lots of fun. Didn’t like Bones the Pirate. The whole puppet show was excellent – would do again. Brilliant. Thanks.
  • Lots of fun, Isaac had a great time helping make a puppet. More suitable for slightly older children as the noise was loud for the younger children.
  • Olivia really enjoyed today making the puppets and the puppet show. Thank you.
  • Jenson loved making the puppets, thank you so much it was a really good idea and creative for the children.
  • Evie loved the puppets and it was very creative.
  • I brought Lucie ( 4 ) and Evie ( 11/2) and they both enjoyed the show and loved making the puppets at the end. Another great event. well done.
  • Darcy ( 4 ) and myself both really enjoyed the puppet workshop. It was lots of fun. Darcy particularly enjoyed making the puppets.
  • Zack ( 6 ), Hannah ( 1 ) and Ethan ( 3 ) loved the puppet show and participating. Two very happy boys with puppets to take home.
  • Jack ( 7 ), lewis ( 5 ) and Max ( 1 ) loved the puppet show, enjoyed interacting with the puppets most.
  • Theo ( 3 ) had a great time today. Theo’s comment was ” the puppet show was good and funny ” Thank you. Great activity and brilliant puppet prize at the end – thanks so much.

It’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback. I had a great time and I am pleased that everyone who came enjoyed it too. I look forward to my invitation to provide children’s entertainment at a Children’s Centre and hopefully I will be asked back to Kiverton Park with one of my other shows some time in the future. Fingers crossed!

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Boomwackers Are Fun

Boomwackers are great fun. Not sure what a Boomwacker is? This is a film clip of us messing around with boomwackers at home. Jolly Good Productions are offering Boomwackers as energizer activity for conferences, a team building activity or as  a workshop for an event. Please call us if you would like more information.


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Wolves Workshops For Children Are Howling Success!

The Halliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington, home of the Wolves Rugby League Club was the venue for workshops for children this week. The Club are keen to help in the local community and regularly run arts projects for children and families. The Wolves Foundation engages the services of external artists and practitioners to share their skills and talents with local people. Recent activities have included Circus Skills Workshops, Puppet Shows and Puppet Making Workshops, Magic Shows and Storytelling.

Halliwell Jones Stadium

Halliwell Jones Stadium

Trophies and Cups of The Wolves Rugby League Club in Warrington

The Wolves Cups and Trophies

Statue of Brian Bevan outside Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington

Brian Bevan, Rugby League Star

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Night At The Museum | Balloon Modelling

The National Media Museum at Bradford was taken over by hundreds of Brownies from the West Yorkshire area who staged a sleepover as part of the 100 year anniversary celebrations. There were a variety of workshops earlier in the evening to provide entertainment including dance, magic, puppets etc. I was there in my role as a Certified Balloon Artist ( CBA ) running Balloon Modelling Workshops. The event took place after the museum had closed to the public and I am sure that the carnival atmosphere was very different to the normal “night at the museum” Needless to say great fun was had by all and I even got a lovely thank you card and a badge too.

Bradford Media Museum

"Night At The Museum"

Ron Wood, CBA ( Certified Balloon Artist )

Brownies with their balloon models

Brownies with their balloons

The Brownies with their balloon creations

Motivational Workshops

Whenever I work with kids running workshops I always try to encourage them to do the best they can, keep trying even if the task is difficult and not to give in. It’s amazing how people ( not just children ) respond to encouragement and praise. I like my workshops to be motivational and fun. I believe that failing is part of the  learning process. It’s OK to fail as long as we learn from our mistakes so that we can get it right next time. We can’t all be a winner  but we can all try to be as good as we can be at whatever it is we do.

This verse is in a big glass frame at the entrance to the players changing rooms of a professional football club. I liked the message so I took a photo of it :

If you think you are beaten you are, if you you dare not you won’t,

If you like to win but think you can’t, it’s almost certain you won’t,

If you think you’ll lose , you’re lost, for out in the world we find,

success begins with a fellows will, it’s all in the state of mind,

If you think you are outclassed, you are, you’ve got to think high to rise,

You’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize,

Life battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man,

but soon or late the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!

Motivational verse about winning

motivational words!

How important is winning ? What’s your view ?

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