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Hartlepool Tall Ships Will Be Jolly Good Fun | TV Commercial

The Hartlepool Tall Ships event takes place from the 7th – 10th August 2010. It’s going to be jolly good fun and Jolly Good Productions will be there to help with the children’s entertainment. Keep your eyes open for some superb face painting.


The Hartlepool Tall ships web site gives detailed information about what will be taking place :

Hartlepool will greet the ships, which will have sailed from Kristiansand in Norway on the second and final leg of the race.

The town already has good links with the tall ships and their captains after almost 40 vessels visited Hartlepool en route to Newcastle Gateshead, who hosted the event in 2005.

During their stay, the ships will be berthed in Hartlepool Quays, and there will be a large number of special events organised in the run up and during the the huge celebrations in August 2010. At the heart of the festivities will be over 4,000 young people from over 20 countries.

Hosting The Tall Ships’ Races further highlights Hartlepool’s well-deserved reputation as a first rate visitor destination. The whole event will be an amazing and colourful spectacle for the people of Hartlepool and the thousands of people who will come to witness this amazing spectacle.

Will you be there?

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Magic And Monkey Business At Hartlepool Rovers

The term “monkey business” means fooling around or mischief and some might say that my children’s Magic Show has lots of monkeying around in it, mainly at the expense of my good self of course.

It was a pleasure to be invited to entertain children at Hartlepool Rovers Rugby Club. The Magic Show went really well and I couldn’t help noticing various references to “monkey business” in some of the pictures and exhibits on display in the clubhouse.

There is a very well known story going back to the Napoleonic Wars when a monkey which had fallen from a passing ship was washed ashore on the beach in Hartlepool. The local people were convinced that the monkey was a French spy and it was summarily hanged.

The story of the monkey has become a long standing joke and Hartlepool folk are sometimes¬† referred to as “monkey hangers” just as those from Redcar are called “sand scratchers” and those from Skelton or Brotton might be called ” Wolleybacks”

I like the story about the monkey. I’m sure it’s pure fiction and if I lived in Hartlepool I’d probably make the most of it. I’m sure it would earn me a pint or two in my travels.

There is a great tradition of rugby in Hartlepool and I am told there are currently five rugby clubs although I only know the names of three of them. Can anyone give me the full list?

As an ex rugby player myself I found it interesting looking at the clubs trophies and memorobilia.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Hartlepool. If you know any one looking for children’s entertainment with plenty of monkey business give me a call:

Go to the web site Jolly Good Productions, or call me by telephone : Tel 01748 821621

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