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Face Painter, Catterick Garrison

Face Painter for Family Days and Mess Functions

Christmas Face Painting

Hazel, Face Painter close to Catterick Garrison.

Catterick Garrison is now the biggest military base in the UK and as we are based in Richmond, only three miles away Jolly Good Productions are well placed to provide entertainment services to the many camps and units within the Garrison.

The Army places great importance on looking after the families of its soldiers and there are many events and functions taking place thoughout the year which involve the wives, husbands  and children of the servicemen and women stationed at Catterick.

Often the job of booking entertainment is given to an Officer, SNCO or JNCO who may have no knowledge of the local area and might be new to planning social events.  Sometimes contact details are passed on but often the designated person is starting from scratch.

Face Painting is a must for any families event and it is always best to hire in a professional. For military events in Catterick Garrison Hazel Wood should be your first port of call.  Hazel has many years experience providing face painting at army functions and fully understands the high standards required. When you book Hazel you can be sure of the following:

  • Immaculately clean kit.
  • Quality workmanship.
  • Total Reliability.
  • Full Public Liability Insurance ( absolutely essential when working on delicate skin or near face and eyes ).
  • Superb faces the kids will love, painted speedily.
  • Friendly service.

Face painting is not just or children. Hazel also works at Officers and SNCO messes for Summer Balls  and Christmas Parties too.

If you are responsible for organizing and event and you need someone who will come in and do a first class job for you and who will not let you down then then call Hazel on 07801 433993 or contact her using the Enquiry Form


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Face Painting | Teamwork Counts!

The Importance of Teamwork

At larger events it will be necessary to have more than one Face Painter for the following reasons:

Face painters hard at work

Hard at work!

  • Face Painting is extremely popular and demand will be high.
  • If there are not enough Face Painters queues will be unacceptably long. A line of twelve people means a wait of up to an hour.
  • Children will be disappointed if they don’t get painted before closing time. Parents may complain!
  • Face Painting is intensive work and the artists need to have breaks for toilet, drinks, food etc
  •  Queue management is easier when a team of Face Painters are working together.

Having a well organised team of experienced Face Painters is better for the organisers, better for the public and better for the Face Painters too.

What makes a good face painting team?


There must be a team leader who is responsible for deciding

Concentration during face painting


  • where each face painter will set up
  • if there is to be one main queue or several separate queues
  • when breaks are to be taken
  • when the queue will be stopped ( usually well before the event closes )
  • if there is to be a ticketing or numbering system


Each Face Painter must be able to paint at a certain minimum speed. This is generally accepted to be five minutes for a full face. Having a slow painter  is not fair on the rest of the team or those waiting in line ( as they will have to stand even longer if one of the painters is slow ).


Katrina applying twirls to a face paint design

Katrina puts twirls on a girls face

Each Face Painter must paint to a high standard. Some parents will insist on their children being painted by a good painter and will avoid one whose work is obviously poor.


Each Face Painter should follow the same strict guidelines in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and health and safety. See related article “Why hire a professional Face Painter

Being Happy

Face Painters are working in close contact with the public. They are talking to children and parents who are on a day out and are enjoying  themselves. Having a happy team is important. A good face painter should be able to smile and chat to customers in a friendly manner.

 Advice for event organisers

How many face painters are required?

Face painters hard at work

Hard at work!

Corporate events

If you are planning a corporate event / company family fun day then find out in advance how many children are attending. Children under three years of age can’t be painted so exclude these from your calculations. Determine how many children  between the ages of three and eleven will be attending. Although not all will want to be painted some teenagers and adults might want to so assume that they will make up the numbers.

You need to know how many children there are and how long the event runs for.

Example 1

The event runs for four hours, there are 100 children between the ages of three and eleven. A  Face painter can do a full face in five minutes or twelve face an hour.

12 full faces x 4 hours = 48 faces per painter for this event.

100 children / 48 = 2 Face Painters are required.

Example 2

The event runs for five hours and there are 400 children attending.

Daniella Wood, Face Painter

Daniella applying a base for face painting on a boy's face

12 faces x 5 hours = 60 faces per painter for this event.

400 children / 60 = 7 Face Painters are required.


These examples do not include time for breaks which means that you must either employ another face painter or accept that the number of faces painted will be less.

Public events

It is always very difficult to know how many people will attend a public event. If the intention is to provide FREE face painting then at smaller events it may be ok to just employ one face painter. For all other events it is strongly adviseable to have at least two.

How to reduce the size of the face painting queue!

There are a number of ways to decrease the size of the face painting queue :

  • Ensure that there are lots of other exciting things for the children to do instead.
  • Increase the size of the face painting team ( more face painters )
  • Make a charge. The more you charge the shorter the queue.

A good face painting team means a good event!

Having a well organised team of happy face painters who all paint to a consistently high standard and can work quickly makes a big difference at an event.

If the face painting experience is good, people will notice. It will be appreciated and it will be remembered.

To enquire about booking a face painter or face painting team go to our face painting page.

Two happy girls with their faces painted

Happy Customers!

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Why Hire a Professional Face Painter?


As a member of FACE (The Face Painting Association) I am actively involved in trying to improve the standards of face painting in general.

I recently read an excellent article by friend and fellow FACE member Glyn Goodwin, who is currently the Deputy Chairman of FACE, offering advice to event organisers regarding the benefits of hiring a professional face painter.  Here are the main points raised by Glyn, plus some of my own –

Face Painting has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, so much so that no event is complete without the addition of a face painter, but where do you start when trying to find the right person for the job……

When thinking of hiring a face painter for your private party or event it is always advisable to use a painter who knows what they are doing, has clean equipment and uses professional face paints.

Don’t book a painter just because they are the cheapest.  Cheapest is not always best.  Don’t be afraid to ask to see samples of their work.  Find out if they have a website so you can look at their work, this will give you an idea of their standard and experience.


  1. Make sure the face painter only uses materials which have been tested and are safe to use on skin.  All professional face painters use well established and approved brands of water-based face paint.  Never hire a painter who uses acrylic paint or metallic glitter.
  2. Make sure the face painter has full public liability insurance up to 5 million in coverage.  Ask if they are CRB checked.
  3. Is the painter’s equipment clean and tidy?  Do they follow a strict safety and hygiene policy?  Are their water containers clean and do they have plenty of clean water for rinsing their brushes?  Most painters will use a clean sponge for each child to avoid spreading bacteria.
  4. You should be advised that the best way to remove face paints from this skin is with soap and water.  It is not advisable to use baby wipes.  Some wipes contain lanolin and other ingredients which may trigger problems with children that suffer from sensitive skin.
  5. A professional face painter will know when it is not advisable to paint a child.  They will look out for children with skin conditions, colds, conjunctivitis etc.  They will also advise over what age they will paint a face.  The Jolly Good Production team of face painters will only paint 3 years and over, but will offer hand and arm paintings for 2 years and above.
  6. A professional face painter will have the ability to work from memory and not have to keep referring to books and pictures.
  7. The face painter should have a few years experience of painting children of all ages and at lots of different events, from small birthday parties to huge corporate events.  A professional face painter will be able to paint quickly yet still maintain a very high standard.
  8. If you are hiring an adventure play venue ask if they allow you to provide a face painter of your own choice.  Sometimes they will only allow you to use their own staff.  Very often this involves a young person who has had no form of training and has been given the title of ‘Face Painter’ because they were good at art at school.

I hope you will find the above information of use.

If you would like to book a face painter or would like to train to become a face painter, please contact me on  – 01748 821621

Best Wishes, Hazel Wood


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How To Learn Face Painting

In the amazing world of the Internet there has never been more information available to learn just about anything you can possibly think of. If there isn’t an article on it then there is bound to be a You Tube video. There was a time when researching and finding out meant a trip down to the library where you could browse through book lists and then order in what you wanted hoping your questions would be answered. Sometimes you would need to wait for weeks before your book or books to arrive. Alternatively you could locate individuals and organisations by telephone or letter requesting help. Again all very time consuming. Thank fully those days are gone and now we have information at our finger tips 24/7. We can connect to the Internet with a computer or mobile phone and find a wealth of information in seconds.

The Internet is a brilliant resource. If you plan to become a face painter then certainly you are going to use the Internet. There are so many tutorials to view and download it’s mind blowing. It’s more a question of where to start. One of the problems with the Internet is that information can be posted by anyone and you have no way of knowing what their credentials are or how appropriate it is for your purposes. You end up just trawling around and gathering all sorts of information but you’re never sure if you have got the full picture.

Face painting is a skill. Anyone seriously interested in becoming a good face painter needs to learn a range of techniques which are best taught in a practical lesson. The acquisition of good basic skills is the foundation on which to build and develop. These practical skills can’t be learnt properly from a book or a video. They need to be explained and demonstrated face to face and then practiced under supervision.

The first step in setting up as a face painter must be to find a good teacher. Although there are lots of face painters who offer face painting courses its worth searching around to find someone who really knows what they are doing. Look for someone who :

Hazel Wood Face Painting At An Event

Hazel Wood

  • has at least ten years experience as a full time professional face painter
  • has developed their own knowledge over many years by attending workshops and training run by acknowledged experts
  • is an experienced teacher and trainer with many satisfied past pupils
  • paints to a high standard
  • is friendly, approachable and willing to share their knowledge and experience freely
  • is well organised, offering a face painting course with a training programme which is thorough and covers all aspects of face painting ( beware of one day or half day courses, it’s simply not long enough )
  • is committed to bringing the best out in you and to giving you an extremely solid foundation of knowledge on which to build.
  • can show you a wide range of materials currently available. Many courses will just use one type of paint. You need to know about and be able to try all of the paint types available.
  • Is a member of a recognised organisation such as FACE ( The Face Painting Association )

Attending a good, well organised, comprehensive face painting training course is essential if you want to learn face painting properly. It is worth giving up the extra time and money to go on the best course you can find than by trying to take short cuts.

If you go on the right face painting course you can be confident that there are no gaps in your knowledge. You will also learn the practical skills you need without picking up any bad habits and you will learn lots of tips and tricks which your teacher has acquired the hard way. In addition you will also save yourself money by not going out and buying the wrong supplies. It’s easy to spend a fortune when you are starting out by buying all sorts of things you don’t need or because you didn’t know any better. A good course will help you to decide which materials to buy to suit you.

Once you have been on a proper beginner / foundation course then you should practice regularly to improve your skills and to build up you your speed.

Applying to join an organisation such as FACE ( The Face Painting Association ) is a good idea as you will need to pass an entrance test and  have your work assessed to show that you can meet certain approved standards. This is a useful form of accreditation.

Develop your kills further by purchasing books on face painting, watching tutorials on You Tube and attending face painting conventions and jams.

Look on our main web site for more information about face painting courses.

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Face Painting For A Party Or Event By Hazel Wood

Hazel is available to hire for a party or event. Watch this You Tube video to see some of her work.

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Royal Quays Star Wars Piece

Star Wars took on a whole new meaning for Professional Face Painter Hazel Wood who was booked as part of the Easter shopping centre entertainment at the Royal Quays Outlet Centre, North Tyneside. The event drew in large numbers of visitors and as Hazel was the only Face Painter at the event she felt just a little under seige with long queues every day. Face Painting is always a popular form of children’s entertainment and as Hazel’s work is of an exceptionally high standard customers are prepared to wait in line even on cold and windy days.

The Star Wars characters were in great demand and thousands of photos must have been taken over the three day promotion.

The event was a huge success and it seems likely that Star Wars will return to North Tyneside again in the not too distant future.

Royal Quays Retail Outlet

Star Wars at Royal Quays

Hazel Wood Face Painting

Hazel painting at the Royal Quays

Star Wars Characters at Royal Quays Retail Outlet

Star Wars Characters

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