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It is great fun to play around with face paints and dress your kids up for parties or playtime. Just take care to follow our 5 key tips on how to paint your child’s face safely.

1. There are many face paints available out there in toy shops and supermarkets, but some are not so great.  You may find that the cheaper ones are more like a cream and don’t go on or cover well. Try and find a water based paint kit. Snazaroo is a good make and the sets usually come with everything you need; a set of the basic colours, a brush, a sponge and often a book of design ideas.

2. Always do a patch test before applying paint to your child’s face. It is not advisable to paint a child’s face under the age of three. This is of course due to how sensitive skin is at that age and problems, such as eczema, are common. Many paint manufacturers have now changed the age suitability on their products from two to three years old. Never paint a child who is suffering from sensitive skin, eczema or cold sores.

3. Removing water based paint is simple; it goes on with water and comes off with water and a little soap if necessary. For other types of paint always read the instructions on how the product manufacturers recommend removal. Don’t remove water based paint with face wipes; it may irritate the skin and cause soreness or the ingredients in the wipes may react with the paint.

4. If you are going to add some sparkle as the finishing touch, make sure you buy a glitter which is designed for the skin. Craft glitter is NOT suitable for faces, and they are metal-based which makes them very dangerous. NEVER apply glitter around the eye area.

5. Remember to sit somewhere comfortable while painting and make sure your child sits as still as they can! Two stools or chairs of the same height would be ideal. Beware that some face paint might stain upholstery or clothes. Tie long hair back and get the child to wear a hair band if necessary to get fringes out of the way. Rest one hand on the child’s head to prevent any fidgeting! Always take care whilst painting around eyes. Most of all, use your imagination and have fun!!!

By Natsha Wood

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