Bucking Bull Beats Beastly Weather!

Mechanical Bull machines and Bucking Broncos are popular attractions. These days many bouncy castle companies and companies hiring out inflatables own and operate these rides. They are supposed to be for adults but kids love them too. Although not strictly children’s entertainment they are often booked as part of a family fun day entertainment package.

The rider climbs onto the back of the mechanical bull and then holds on tight, trying to stay on for as long as possible whilst the machine spins and tips up and down with varying speed and direction. Inevitably the rider is flung off and lands ingloriously in a heap on the inflatable air bed surrounding the machine.

As the ride is open to the elements and requires electricity to power both the fan for the air bed ( usually ) and the motors, operating in wet weather can present safety problems. In addition surfaces become wet and slippery when it rains thus creating a hazzard and discomfort for potential customers.

Jason Harney of Castles4kids has found the perfect solution. He has in inflatable structure which fits nicely over the top of his mechanical bull machine which completely protects the equipment, his staff and the public from inclement weather.

I thought this was a really good idea as often this type of ride has to shut down in the rain. With the addition of this dome over the top it becomes an all weather ride.

Mechanical bull machine with rain cover

Inflatable dome over mechanical bull machine

Rodeo Bull by Casles4kids

Rodeo Bull Hire by Casles4kids

For more information contact Jason and Alison Harney Tel 01661 962 6000 or mob 07762 308080

Web site www.castles4kids.co.uk

Have you ever been on a Mechanical Bull machine? Describe your experience here, what was it like? How long did you stay on for?

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