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Kids love Punch and Judy

Summer is coming and organizers are booking up entertainment for their shows and galas. It’s always a problem

Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy Show (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

deciding what to put on for the kids. It’s usually a committee decision and there is always a view that we need to ring the changes. We a magician last yearso how about a clown this time etc etc.


The fact is that kids are more than happy to sit and watch the same shows over and over again if they like it. They are often disappointed if they turn up and the entertainer they loved so much at the last event isn’t their this time. If it works, stick with it.


The one show that never fails to please is of course Punch and Judy. It has been around a very long time. In fact Punch and Judy Shows have been entertaining the crowds at fairs, festivals and public gatherings since 1662. Yes, Punch and Judy has been around for over 350 years and the reason it is still going strong today is because children love it and so do many adults.

Punch and Judy is an outdoor show so there is no problem about setting up on a field although if you are planning to use a car park or paved area you might need to make provision for anchoring the puppet heatre down ( wind can be a problem ).

Punch and Judy is a fantastic choice and can be enhanced with other activities and entertainment between shows. For more information go to  Punch and Judy.




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