Tips On Taking Photos Or Video At A Children’s Party

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This is just a short post with a few tips about taking photos and videos at children’s parties.

I’d like to start by saying that I do believe birthday parties are important and happy family occasions which should be recorded. You should take lots and lots of photos so that you can look back in years to come on what is sure to be a wonderful experience.

One of the things parents often say to me after a show is how much they loved seeing the children laugh or how they loved watching them smiling and having fun. I was thinking about this today and it dawned on me that when parents video my shows they are nearly always doing it from the back. In other words they never film the most important part which is the expressions and reactions of the children. It occurred to me that you really need to have two cameras. One at the back filming the show and the other at the front filming the audience. By having two cameras you can capture all the action. The funny bits in the act and the children laughing or joining in. You might have to borrow a second video camera or sweet talk a friend or relative to help out but I’m sure it would be worth it.

The same goes for photography. Try to take shots from both directions.

I also think it’s worth either buying or borrowing a tripod. You always get much better results when the video camera is firmly supported compared to hand held.

If you are booking an entertainer have a word with them about the show and find out when there will be some good photo opportunities and then you can be ready to snap away at the right moments. Make a few notes to remind you of what to expect.

If you are planning a party I hope these ideas are useful.

If you are keen on photography and have any useful tips please post a comment below. Thanks, Ron.

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