Punch And Judy And Why Size Matters!

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Thinking about hiring a Punch and Judy Show for a corporate family fun day, festival, gala, fete, store promotion or birthday party? If so then size matters. Read more to find out why:

The booth or puppet theatre used by the performer can vary in size considerably as can the height of the play board ( the puppet stage ). Choosing the right one can be significant for several reasons. It can affect how many people can see the show, it can affect their enjoyment and overall impression of the event, it might not be suitable for the space available.

If you are organising a big company event with plenty of space then you should hire a show with a large size puppet theatre. This will stand out more and won’t look lost amongst everything else. It will also be more impressive which will contribute to the overall flavour of the event. A small booth is likely look a little insignificant. I know this sounds awful but it could also look like you have been penny pinching ( appologies for saying that ).

If you are expecting large crowds then you should hire someone who has a large booth in which the play board ( puppet stage ) is high up. Many Punch and Judy booths have the play board at chest height. This is not so good for outdoor events as those at the back of the audience may struggle to see the action. Having the puppets high up is much better for family fun days or public events, shopping centres etc where there might be lots of people.

For a parent hiring a show for a party at home in the house then a small booth is much better. Many modern houses have low ceilings and so height could be a problem. Also if the puppets are high up the children may not be able to see them because they will be sitting too close.

Finally Punch and Judy Shows are sometimes hired for store promotions. In this case it is likely that floor space could be the determining factor. Having a larger puppet theatre would certainly be more eye catching and attractive but it may be that it would be too big for the area allocated. Careful consideration should be given to this before making a booking.

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