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Safe Cracker

Combination lock on a Safe

Safe Cracking

Give shoppers a chance to win a FANTASTIC prize if they can find the correct combination to open a Safe!

Make it free to enter but each person must fill in a form with their name, address, telephone number, email address or any other information you want to collect. Don’t forget to put a check box for them to tick if they don’t want to receive newsletters / promotions.

Allow each person three attempts.

When the form has been completed they can have a go at opening the Safe.

Safe as houses

You have to be prepared to risk giving away the big prize. However the chances of anyone guessing the combination the safe are extremely remote.

Safe Cracking is fun!

We’ve all seen the spy films where the hero, usually dressed in black, breaks into the villains hideout in the dead of night and deftly opens the Safe in minutes. Of course it’s not so simple in real life but trying your hand at safe cracking is fun especially if you can win a prize if you get it open.

Charity Fund Raising

This idea can also be used to raise money for charity. In this case you would simply charge people to have a go.

Good luck!



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