Memory Full, Baffling Computer Problem Solved

How to solve a computer memory problem.

Warning messages were popping up on my laptop informing me that I was running out of memory. I did a quick assesment of what was on my hard drives and was certain that this was incorrect. I went into Windows and changed the settings to show hidden files but nothing significant turned up. I was baffled. I asked a few knowledgable people what they thought  and also took my laptop into several computer shops. There was much head scratching and chin stroking but no answers. I drew a blank every time. Finally I went onto Google and started reading forums on related matters. Inevitably I discovered that lots of other people have had the same problem. I read about a programme called Winderstat which is FREE to download and will not only show you everything on your computer, hidden files and all, you can also clean up your drives and remove unwanted stuff too. The description for Winderstat is:

“WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows (all current variants)”

Once I downloaded and installed Winderstat I could immediately see what was going on. I had a stack of back up files piling up but HIDDEN from view. I deleted all but the most recent and all was well again.

Problem solved!

I recommend you try out Winderstat. Even if you don’t need it right now it’s worth having a copy just in case.

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