How To Make Yummy Yummy Chocolate Cookies

Check out this great party food recipe. My Mum loved baking and she wrote down many of her favourite recipes. I have copied this from her hand written notes. We always had great family parties with lots of delicious home cooking. I hope you enjoy these ” yummy yummy ” cookies as much as we did when Mum made them for us.

How to make ” Soft Chocolate Cookies “


4 oz butter

4 oz soft light brown sugar

1 tbspn golden syrup

1 med egg

1 tsp vanilla essence or flavouring

6 oz plain flour

1/2 tsp bicarb of soda

4 oz chocolate – plain / white / milk, chopped into small chunks


Set oven to 190 deg C or Gas 5

Have a baking tray ready

Cream together butter, syrup and sugar

Beat in egg and vanilla with a little of flour

Gently mix in remaining flour and bicarb until thoroughly combined. Stir in chocolate

Place heaped spoonfuls of mixture onto baking tray, allow room for spreading

Flatten slightly then bake for 10 – 12 mins until cookies are brown underneath and at edges and beginning to brown on top

Cool on wire rack

Cookies become firmer as they cool

Hey Presto!

Try this at your next birthday party or family get together.

I’m on the look out for other recipes to share on my blog. Can you help? Add your recipe in the comment section below.

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