Party Tips For Mums And Dads

Here is a quick list of tips for Mums and Dads who are organising a children’s birthday party :

  • Give every child a name badge. Write their christian names in big bold letters ( block capitals are best ) so that they can be easily read. Addressing the children by their names makes them feel more at home and it is better for control because you are speaking to them personally.
  • Don’t forget to bring a lighter or matches for lighting the candles.
  • Consider putting a big sheet on the floor and having the children sit on it whilst eating their party food. Its much easier to gather up the crumbs / mess afterwards if all you have to do is pick up the sheet.
  • Stage manage ” singing happy birthday ” Are you going to have the children sitting at the table or are you going to put the cake on a little table in the middle of the room and have everyone gather round? Decide who is going to take photos / video. Standing on a chair and taking shots looking down can be quite effective.
  • Allocate a place to put cards and presents. If in a hall, put a table at the back of the room for this.
  • Bring some bin liners for rubbish just in case.
  • Buy a cheap balloon pump for inflating balloons.
  • Put balloons outside to help guests find the party.
  • Book a venue with good parking if possible. Avoid venues with limited parking as it makes it difficult for everybody.
  • Avoid venues where the party room or function room is upstairs. Choose somewhere with a room on the ground floor and good access in and out. Why make life difficult for yourself?
  • Bring a CD / MP3 Player / Ipod player with appropriate music. Even if your are having an entertainer, it pays to have a back up.
  • Think about where you are going to put hats and coats.
  • Put chairs / tables out for parents, or decide where you are going to put them during the birthday party.
  • Bring tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits for the adults.
  • If you are having a children’s entertainer make up a little sign requesting parents to talk quietly during the show ( adults can be extremely noisy and become a major distraction spoiling the children’s enjoyment. A polite request for them to be considerate¬† is perfectly reasonable )
  • Allow plenty of time for setting up.
  • Ring the venue / key holder / manager of the venue before you set off to ensure that the hall / room is unlocked and ready. People do sometimes¬† forget so it does no harm to check.
  • Make a checklist in advance. Write down everything you need for the party. Have a friend go over it with you in case you have overlooked something. Refer to your checklist on the day.

I hope you find this list useful. Let me know if you think there is anything that could be added.

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