Eye Catching Entrances

Clearly marking the entrance to an event or party is important. Guests and visitors need to be able to find their way in easily. Balloon Decorating provides the perfect solution.

One of the most eye catching ways to mark the entrance is to use a Balloon Arch. Not only will this attract attention but it also helps to set the mood too.

A Balloon Arch marking the entrance to a wedding reception would be in pastel colours or white / cream etc possibly  with tasteful trimmings to compliment the colour scheme chosen for the venue.

A Balloon Arch for for a Family Fun Day event would incorporate bright colours to create a happy feeling.

A Balloon Arch for a corporate party, product launch or grand opening is likely to be constructed using corporate colours.

There are many possibilities and I would recommend using a professional Balloon Decorator ( either CBA, Certified Balloon Artist, or NABAS qualified ) as they will be able to advise on design, size, siting etc. They will also have the right equipment to do the job.

As both Hazel and I are CBA‘s please call either of us on 01748 821621¬† if you require telephone advice or use the comment section below.

Balloon Arch for new Children's Centre by Ron and Hazel Wood, Jolly Good Productions

Jolly Good Productions