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Face Painting tips for event organisers and event planners

Face Painting is a very popular form of children’s entertainment. Any Family Fun Day, Council or Corporate Event is almost certain to include face painting on its entertainment program.

Face Painting can be themed to suit your event. Possible themes cold be seaside, nature, animals, pirates, Halloween, horror, wild west, company logos etc. Always discuss your idea with your face artists first to ensure what you would like is possible.

The first consideration is how many face painters to engage. It is important to avoid massive queues. On average a good painter can do ten faces an hour.  Consideration needs to be made as to how many children will be coming to the event. This will give an indication as to the number of face painters required. Terribly long queues cause frustration and sometimes anger from the public and so it is better to have too many face painters than too few.

Site the face painters together. This makes handling the queue and organising breaks much easier.

If you are planning an outdoor event, provide a gazebo or marquee for face painting. A professional face painter will have lots of sponges and glitters which can be blown away by the wind. It is not possible to work in the wind or rain therefore overhead cover and windbreaks are strongly recommended.

Face Painting is intensive work and requires good light therefore site the face painters in a well lit area. In the interests of safety insist that they take regular breaks. Remember they are doing intricate work on children;s faces often near the eyes.

Look after your face painters by providing refreshments for them if hey have not brought their own. This is especially important on hot days or at very busy events.

Close the face painting queue in good time before the event finishes.

Make sure that notices are displayed advising parents that face paint should be removed with soap and water not make up remover and that face paint should not be left on over night. Children of three years of age or under should not be painted due to the sensitivity of their skin.

For peace of mind book face painters who you know belong to FACE ( The Face Painting Association ) as this means that they have been tested for proficiency, paint to a good standard, follow strict hygiene rules and are insured.

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