The Creepy Crawly Show | Children’s Entertainment

I came across the Creepy Crawly Show at an event recently. This company bring a selection of mini beasts to your birthday party or event. The children get to see a variety of different small animals, reptiles and insects close up. Some can even be handled. The keepers are on hand to answer questions and talk about the exhibits. Needless to say most little boys will love it although some girls may be put off by some of the insects? I noticed that lots of adults were interested and enjoying the displays too so it’s not just children’s entertainment. For more information about hiring the Creepy Crawly Show for a Birthday Party or Event call 0151 327 5888.

Creep Crawly Show

Handling Creepy Crawlys

Kids can see the mini beasts up close

Reptiles at the Creepy Crawly Show


Interesting displays at the Creepy Crawly Show

If you have seen the Creepy Crawly show please let us know what you enjoyed most. Comments invited.

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