What Makes A Good Father Christmas?

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Father Christmas is a very important person to millions of children everywhere. Of course to adults Santa is just some guy dressed up and nobody really cares how good he is. When it comes to organising the kids Xmas party often some unfortunate is dragged in to play the part.  Usually  these press ganged Santas do a half hearted job. No attention is payed to detail, sometimes they’ve had a drink and smell of beer or perhaps they are smokers and stink of tobacco. They don’t know what to say or how to act. Actually children are very observant and soon spot an impostor. So if you are going to be Santa or you are in charge of selecting a Santa here are a few tips :

  • Find someone who is really interested in doing it. Someone who genuinely likes children
  • Try to use an older person as the real Santa is getting on a bit.
  • Remember Santa is a bit tubby so padding might be required to get the correct look.
  • Make sure Santa has a good costume.
  • Make sure the costume fits properly.
  • Santa must wear either black boots or black wellingtons. Brown shoes are a dead give away.
  • Make sure the costume is clean and fresh smelling.
  • Santa needs a white beard and a white wig. Check that no natural hair is showing when they are put on.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes are a NO near kids. Wait until afterwards.
  • Think about what Santa would say to the children. Rehearse the voice etc
  • Walk like Santa, get into the character, remember Santa is a jolly old gentleman. Play the part.

With a little bit of planning and preparation you can have a brilliant Santa who will delight the children and make your party or event even more  memorable and enjoyable. So do try and keep the tradition going and do your best for the kids.

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