Measuring Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is achieved when you feel good about something you have done. It is an intangible thing which can’t easily measured.

Children watch a Punch and Judy Show

Job satisfaction measured in smiles!

You can’t produce statistics about job satisfaction! I have always believed that being happy at work is incredibly important. I am very lucky because I really do enjoy my job. Working with children is great because they nearly always want to join in and have fun.

I was talking to a lady, just the other day, after performing a Punch and Judy Show and she kept telling me how much the kids enjoyed it. “You should have seen their faces” she told me repeatedly.

For me job satisfaction is dependent on how much the audience enjoy my shows. The more they enjoy it, the happier I am. This photo illustrates the point. I suppose I could try and measure it in smiles per minute?

How do you measure job satisfaction in your line of work?  Make a comment below to let me know.

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