Balloon Decoration Tips For Your Wedding Reception

Balloons can create a fantastic atmosphere at a Wedding Reception and completely transform an ordinary room. Balloon Decorating has become an art and there are many companies offering to provide a Balloon Decorating Service. Hazel and I are both CBA’sĀ  ( Certified Balloon Artists ) which means that we have undergone a recognised training course and passed written and practical examinations to prove our competence. We are both very experienced and have undertaken many large and prestigious balloon decorating contracts.

Tips and Advice

  1. Employ someone who is experienced and qualified. Your Wedding Reception is a very important occasion. Use good people.
  2. Compare prices but don’t base your decision on price alone. It’s better to pay a bit more and have the job done well.
  3. Ask to see colour swatches / charts to help choose your colour scheme. When you know what you want ask for actual samples as the coloursĀ  on inflated balloons may look slightly different to what you are expecting.
  4. Consider timings. Find out how long it will take your supplier to set up. Liaise with the venue. Make sure that the room will be ready when the balloon people arrive. Agree what time everything should be set by and don’t cut it too fine.
  5. Make sure a parking space is available near to the entrance and let the venue know what is happening. Ask them to be helpful to your supplier.
  6. Exploding Balloons are often positioned above the dance floor and fired electrically by the DJ during the First Dance. Ask for a back up method of initiating the effect in case the electric method fails to go off. A pin taped to a long pole is useful as a stand bye.

Room Layout

A Balloon Display is very eye catching and planning the room layout is important. Balloons should be used to emphasize key features. Discuss these with your supplier in order to decide what will work best.

  1. Entrance. A magnificent arch or fabulous columns could be used to impress your guests as they arrive at the reception.
  2. Top Table. Use a Pearl Arch stretching the full width of the Top Table as a backdrop to the Bridal Party.
  3. Wedding Cake. This is usually placed on a table where it can be viewed and admired. Use a beautiful Balloon Arch to draw the eyes of your guests to the cake.
  4. Dance Floor. This is where you will take the first dance and will become the focus of the after dinner entertainment. A canopy of balloons over the dance floor makes a stunning spectacle.
  5. Special Effects. Exploding Balloon(s) can be placed over dance floor and detonated above the Bride and Groom at the appropriate moment. Check with the venue before putting nails into the ceiling etc !
  6. Table Decoration. Have clusters of three, five or seven balloons. Never use even numbers it looks awful. Have the balloons set high enough above the table to allow the guests to see each other when seated.
  7. Secondary Doorways. You may wish to mark out other entrances and exits from the room with balloon displays.
  8. Floor Displays. If it is a very large room you may consider filling some of the space with floor displays too. These could be columns, clusters, special arrangements or more elaborate sculptures.

Once you have drawn up your plan ask for an itemised quotation. Prioritize your requirements and cut out the items which exceed you budget.

Hope you have found these notes useful. Please use the comment section below or contact me by e mail / telephone if you need more help.

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