Hunt The Letter

Here is another game that has always been a favourite at our family gatherings.

Hunt The Letter

What you need to play the game

All players need a piece of paper and a pen / pencil

The organiser needs :

Paper and pen / pencil


What to do

Think of a word or phrase ie ” entertainer ”

write it on your piece of paper in small letters, spaced out

cut each letter out

using the cellotape, place the letters around the room where they can be found without moving anything. Don’t put them in obvious locations and vary the height ie have some high up and some low down. You can put them in several rooms, hall, conservatory, porch etc. Wherever you are happy for the participants to go.

How to play

Give everyone paper and a pen / pencil

Explain that they have to hunt for the hidden letters and when they find one, write it down and note where it was located ( this helps prevent cheating…tush, tush…as if they would! )

Tell them how many letters there are and in which rooms

Tell them also that they do not need to move anything although the letters may not be in obvious places

Set a time limit ie 15 minutes ( optional )

Tell them not to let anyone else know when they spot a letter as this is all part of the fun.

When they have collected all of the letters they have to try and work out what the word or phrase is

The winner is the first person to come up with the correct answer

Who can play

This game is really for older children, teens and adults. Younger childen can help to find the letters

Try this game at our next family gathering or party

Do you know any other games like this using letters or numbers?

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