Why Do We Like Clowns So Much ?

Why do we like clowns?

Well OK I know there are a few people who hate clowns or claim to be scared of them. These people are in the minority. Most of us genuinely like clowns. That’s interesting because lets face it, clowns are a bit weird. So why do we like them. What is it that causes us to smile when we see one ? Why do we put up with them when they are so pathetic ?

Here are my thoughts on the subject :

  • We enjoy being with them because they make us laugh
  • They get away with things that we can’t
  • We enjoy seeing them get into trouble or getting into a mess
  • We enjoy seeing them fail
  • We are not threatened by them, we may even feel sorry for them
  • We relate to them ( empathy ). We imagine ourselves in their position
  • We like to look at them because their appearance is so odd
  • Clowns are open, we see them for what they are
  • They remind us of our childhood
  • We can have fun with them and act the fool with them
  • They bring happiness
  • We are intrigued by them, we want to know what makes them tick

Of course nobody carries out an analysis like this when they spot a guy with huge feet, baggy trousers and a great big red nose. Our reaction is instinctive. These feelings exist within us. My first clown teacher Leon ” Buttons ” McBride used to say that there is a little clown inside all of us. It’s in there and just waiting to come out. Perhaps that is why we like clowns so much ?

What do you make of this ? Let me know your thoughts on our relationship with the clowns.

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