Kids Say The Funniest Things

I was performing a puppet show to a group of ninety five year olds. The audience were captivated. The story is set in a fairy castle and we had just got to the part where the children had helped to frighten away the villain. There was great excitement, clapping and cheering because the baddy had been chased away forever.

Ron narrating the puppet show

Ron narrates the puppet show

At this point I as the narrator came out front and commended the children for doing such a good job. I then said very dramatically¬† ” Wait!”

There was complete silence. You could have heard a pin drop.

“How are we going to let Princess know what’s happened?” I exclaimed, holding my hands outstretched and making a puzzled expression.

There was a pause and then a little boy sitting right at the back shouted “Why don’t you ring her on your mobile phone!”

Every adult in the room burst out laughing it was wonderful. A perfectly reasonable response but entirely out of context. Kids are amazing.


Jolly Good Productions

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