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Pants In The Park In Gateshead 2010

This wonderful annual event takes place throughout the UK. For the past couple of years Jolly Good Productions have supplied Face Painting at the Gateshead  extravaganza.

Did you know that 1 in 2 men will be affected by prostate diseases at some point in their lives? Pants in the Park heps raise funds for vital research raising  much needed awareness about prostate diseases and educating  health care professionals.

‘Pants The Park’ is a 5km fun run which aims to be a great day out for all the family and everyone involved. It doesn’t matter how you get round the course. You could leap , bounce , crawl , elegantly skip  or simply walk at your own pace.

The ideas is to make a hero of yourself by dressing up ‘Superman style’ with decorated pants on the outside of your clothes. There are prizes for the best pants so the more outrageous and colourful the better!

There is  plenty to do before and after you pant round the 5km. Team Pants from Prostate UK are on hand every step of the way to help everyone  make the most of their fundraising and the day itself with organised music, face painting and warm up sessions.

I think Hazel will remember this years event because it rained heavily and she was in a leaky gazebo so she had fun and games of her own trying to keep her paints dry and stop her table from flooding. She did however manage to take a few photos, hope you enjoy them.

Hazel face painting in her leaking gazebo at Pants In The Park 2010

Hazel Face Painting at 'Pants in the Park'

'man in pants' at Pants in the Park 2010

Man In Pants

Gorillas at 'Pants In The Park' 2010

There was plenty of 'monkey business' at pants in the park 2010

'Pants in the Park' where everyone dresses like Superman


Local Radio at Pants in the Park 2010

'real radio' were supporting Pants in the Park

You can find out more about Pants in the Park by searching on Google. They also have a Face Book page too.

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Jolly Good Fun For Army Kids

Jolly Good Productions are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire which is only three miles from Catterick Garrison, now the largest military base in the UK.  Although we are literally on the “door step” we don’t do a huge amount of work in the Garrison. Most of the work we do involves travelling to other areas.

Yesterday Hazel was booked to provide children’s entertainment for the families of one of the Regiment’s based in the camp. They wanted a children’s  entertainer for a couple of hours and asked her to run her “jolly good fun” party. As I was free I offered to accompany her to assist.

As we entered the camp I was amazed at how much new build there had been. The barracks we went into had a lot of new accommodation blocks and there were many other new buildings for headquarters, stores, equipment and training. We were both quite impressed. Having signed in we were directed to a very large modern building in the centre of the complex. Our guide explained that this is where the soldiers come for their meals. It was however a far cry from the old fashioned cookhouses. It was more like a Marks and Spencer’s Cafeteria. Quite posh I thought. The whole place was light and airy, there were comfortable seating areas, games areas with pool tables, electronic games, a mini supermarket, a barbers shop etc etc.  We were allocated a large carpeted area which had plenty of tables and chairs next to it for parents to be able to sit and watch the fun ( in fact many joined in ).

We were set up in good time and the children soon found us. Inevitable there was a wide age range going from preschoolers up to ten or eleven years old. Hazel is a very experienced children’s entertainer and has a great way with kids. Dealing with large numbers and mixed ages requires skill. The children are usually excited and the trick is to keep the fun going whilst also maintaining control. If there is a knack in this then Hazel certainly has it.

I always enjoy watching Hazel running a kid’s disco because of the way she leads the dancing. Hazel is also a  qualified and very experienced dance teacher and so she is always at the front doing all the actions to the party dances ( and she knows them all ) so the children all copy her moves. I’ve never seen another DJ who is able to do this. Most just put the music on and let the kid’s get on with it.

Following  the children’s disco, there were party games, bubble making, parachute games and even some circus skills too.

It had been a wonderful afternoon with lots of variety, lots of fun and lots of happy children.

These are difficult times and it’s nice to know that the army are doing a good job looking after the families of service personnel. We are looking  forward to our next visit to the Garrison.

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York Visit Kindles Minster Wedding Memories

A visit to York University yesterday brought back happy memories of our wedding day. Hazel and I were married in York Minster on 30th April 1988. What a brilliant wedding it was. We were so lucky. The wedding took place in the Lady Chapel and we had the full Regimental Band of the Yorkshire Volunteers playing as the guests arrived and to accompany Hazel and her Father as they made their entrance. There was a trumpet fanfare, guard of honour and hundreds of Japanese tourists all with about three cameras each ( or maybe that was the American contingent ) It was like being a celeb. I do remember it was quite a cold day. Hazel must have been freezing but she didn’t show it.

Ron and Hazel Wood, Wedding In York Minster

Our Wedding in York Minster

Has anyone been to York Minster lately? I wonder if they still have the same carpet?

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Why Is Face Painting So Popular?

It seems that you can’t go to any event, shopping centre, show, promotion or gala without seeing children with their faces painted. Take a look at Hazel’s work in this You Tube video clip or go to her face painting gallery.


Why do you think that  Face Painting is so popular?

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