How To Get Even More People To Attend Your Event!

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Although it’s not something I really have to worry about, the subject of numbers is always going through my mind. I have been in the event business for a very long time and have been involved in one way or another in literally hundreds and hundreds of events over the years. These days I don’t organise big events any more I just perform at them. However, I do appreciate how important it is for those in charge to get as many people to come along as possible. If nobody comes then its not been a very good event and nobody wants that. I am therefore writing once again about ways to get more people to attend your event.

In this article I’d like to put forward the idea of “asset management”. By assets I’m referring to anything you are going to be bringing in specifically for the event. All events have a budget of some kind. Some are quite healthy and others meagre. Decisions will have to be made about how to spend the money. What are the essentials that are going to have to be paid for and what can be borrowed, donated or done without.

Too often organisers do not make the most of their assets. Posters will go up, the local press will be informed and someone might contact the radio. Fliers are dished out all over the place. A lot of effort is going into putting the word out and promoting the event but often there is not much detail. It’s just another Fun Day, Fair or Gala etc. Why not tell people more about what is going to be happening.

Perhaps your local butcher who happens to make the best pork pies in the world is coming to your show. I would mind betting there are a lot of pork pie lovers who would just love to come and sample his delights.

You might have a Fun Fair coming with the very latest motion simulator or the highest inflatable slide in the world. This could be a great crowd pullerĀ  but if your poster or advertising just says ” Fun Fair ” it doesn’t mean too much.

You might be hiring in a children’s entertainer. It could even be me ( I hope so ). Don’t just put Punch and Judy or clown or children’s entertainer on the advertising. Give more information about who is coming and what they will be doing. Make it interesting. Tap into the popularity of your entertainer, use them to help increase your gate.

In summary I do feel that event organisers are missing a trick by not making the most of their suppliers. If there is a story to tell or they are well known or they have something special on offer then do make the most of it. Let people know and I’m sure it will help to increase attendance.

I hope this gives food for thought. Post any remarks or questions in the comments box below and please do feel free to advertise your event on our site using the ADD NEWS tab above. Good luck!

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